Who Am I?

I want to go into sort of who I am so you can understand where I am coming from.

I grew up in a poverty stricken household. My father did what he could to make sure we had what we need to survive, and for the most part he did exactly that.  It wasn’t until my father got out of the Navy after 20 years of being in, did he get a sizable increase in pay.  I was roughly 14-15 years old when that happened.

Throughout my teenage years, I really enjoyed vehicles. My first car was a 1989 Nissan 240SX, which I purchased and financed for 3000 dollars.  I never missed one payment on that vehicle.  After high school, I was able to get the 2.0 SR20DET which I was one of the first people in the country to do the swap.  Boy that was a very quick car.

Traded that for a RX7, then went from the S13 platform to the S14 platform during my military career.  After being injured overseas during combat action, I was released from my job, and joined up the security forces for the last end of my career.

When I got out, I drove all the way from Shepard AFB back to Washington, where I called home at the time.  I tried to work for literally every place possible, and seemed very hard to work for people where the managers, and owners prospered, and I just sat at the same pay grade.  So I continually continued to try to make a name for myself, and tried to find opportunities. Which is incredibly hard.

I ended up starting a business in 2005, called Xtreme CPU.  It was a hardware review site, which actually at the time was doing VERY well.  I was hosting it at 1and1 at the time, and found that I always ran into problems with their servers not being able to handle the traffic I wanted to throw at it.  So I ended up having to upgrade, and upgrade, and upgrade, to where I was paying quite a bit for this business to survive.  I tried out Godaddy, and a couple of other companies.

This is when I had an epiphany and decided, that if these hosting company use lies, and deceit to sell their product, I will tell the truth, and do the morally right thing in order to treat people right.  Sounds easy right?  I learned quite a bit.  You can have the worst service in the world, and the best marketing, and guess what…  you wont ever have a problem bringing in customers.  You can have the best service in the world, and no marketing, and struggle by.

I struggled until about 2008, and I was about to throw in the towel.  I was bankrupt, and didn’t have any steam left in me.  I guess if running business was easy, everybody would be doing it.  I decided to give it one last heave.  I always wanted to try Cloud Computing, which we called Grid computing back in the day, and went with a product called 3Tera Applogic.

This was my big break through, and without this product I do not believe that I would have ever made it.  Finally a company you pay, that actually knows what partnership is about.  It was a rich, and fruitful relationship, and even 9+ years later we are all still great friends.  Partnerships are give and take.

Later on 3Tera was acquired by CA Technologies which is really known for shelving products..  Needless to say,  They purchased it, and shelved it.  We sort of saw the writing on the walls, and found a new solution.

Company is now a multi million dollar company, and I am not longer struggling in that sense.  I’ve got 45 employees, and I make sure that I take care of them, as they are a part of my family now.

I’ve lived my life thus far doing what needs to be done, to get the job done, and its done very well for me this far.  When you act on morality, and understand what that means, you can be consistent, and repetitive in what you do.

I personally love to share, and maybe put a smile on peoples face.  Turo was a great way to do that.  The people that I’ve picked up, and have let rent my automobiles have always had smiles on their face when I picked them up, and were even more excited when I dropped them off.  That’s what kind of service I enjoy providing.  Some people may call me crazy, but I put my 2014 Nissan GTR on Turo, and was going to put my 2016 Tesla Model S P100D on Turo.

Now that you sort of understand who I am, and a little bit of my life, you can understand a little more about what has happened here, and all of that.